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Green Peace

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Green Peace
Orginal name:
Stone Type:
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Country of origin:
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
An exclusive beautiful grass green colored stone strewn with neon green and white veining. La Ponte stone.

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-09-19 10:41:33

Cori: Oh boy. Only a very small amount of granites emits high levels of radon. The vast majority of granites are completely safe. There's a lot of misinformation going on in the media right now.

Name: Cori

Date: 2008-08-14 13:30:06

Has anyone done any radon measurements of Green Peace Granite? I understand that granite used in countertops that come from Brazil and Nambia normally emit high levels of radon. Thanks!

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-07-17 18:15:03

Janice: All granites are suitable for kitchen use. Not all will be the same in terms of maintenance though. The darker stones usually require less care.

Name: Janice

Date: 2008-07-09 20:59:00

Kitchen counter appropriate? Is there any general criteria for granite that makes it suitable (i.e. speckled v. veined etc.

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