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Giallo Fiorito

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Giallo Fiorito
Orginal name:
Stone Type:
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Country of origin:
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Consistent peach colored stone with black background.

Name: Belle Terre

Date: 2008-10-12 18:38:40

I'm in the process of purchasing this stone. The problem is finding a paint color that works for me. I have practiced with different shades of colors thatis in the stone, but I don't like the way it looks. I've also considered Venetian Plaster, but the available choices don't go well with the stone. What should I do?

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-09-25 17:34:21

Kate: Pastel yellow?

Name: Kate

Date: 2008-09-13 18:19:38

I have purchased this stone and have it in my kitchen with black appliances, any suggestions on paint colors?

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-06-06 11:27:51

Cindy: And good thing that you are. I'd lean towards Baltic brown though. It has less of the yellowish/orange in it which should set it apart from the cabinets a bit more.

Name: Cindy

Date: 2008-05-04 21:05:11

Any opinions on Giallo Fiorito with light honey-toned maple cabinets? We keep coming back to this or Baltic Brown for more contrast.

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-02-15 10:08:35

Cathy: Call the office please.

Name: Cathy

Date: 2008-02-08 16:13:41

Please confirm Giallo Fiorito is a Double Blue price category.

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