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Crema Bordeaux

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Crema Bordeaux
Orginal name:
Stone Type:
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Country of origin:
Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Outdoor
Light gray colored stone with peach and burgundy bits, along with quartz deposits.

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-06-06 11:25:43

Melanie: Like I said below, it definitely will become the centerpiece of the design, but shouldn't be too strong. Good choice.

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-06-06 11:24:50

Melanie: Since the rest of the kitchen will be rather light, Crema Bordeaux would work just fine. Its pattern is mellow enough that it should overpower the room, but rather become a strong element in the whole design.

Name: Melanie

Date: 2008-05-04 12:28:47

Hi Moderator, see previous post. Going for a bit of a dramatic look. I'm kinda artsy and would like to go a bit "out of the ordinary" but am a little apprehansive. Any other granite color I should consider with a medium light cabinet? Thanks

Name: Melanie

Date: 2008-05-04 11:23:09

I have a small kitchen, I have selected Maple Sandlewood, light/med. cabinets with a chocolate glaze, SS appliances, and a medium wood floor. I MAY go with a plain tumbled marble backsplash. Which granite would look most interesting Giallo Fiorito or Crema Bordeaux? Can you put a veiny granite in a small area? Do you have another suggestion?

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2008-04-16 12:34:58

Jay: Decide what the dominant piece will be. When you have too many things of the same or similar coloring, it tends to look busy.

Name: Jay

Date: 2008-04-09 21:27:46

We have rose/terracotta walls with honey oak walls. Crema Bordeaux seems to have these colors. What is your advice?

Marmi di Carrara srl - Moderator

Date: 2007-08-11 11:10:15

Vincent Sireci: fax the above with a drawing to us.

Name: Vincent Sireci

Date: 2007-08-05 11:53:01

I would like a quote for the attached Crema Bordeaux Stone (112) for a patio and stair treads: Patio: Width = 15ft Length = 12 ft 6 Step Treads : 15 ft wide x 1 ft deep Thank you.

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